Shows Booked And More To Come

Following the CD Release on October 8th at Hugh’s Room I’m going to hit the road, get out there, meet some new folks in new locales and support this record!!!

Thus far, I’ve booked a show Friday, Oct. 11th at the Avant Garde Bar in downtown Ottawa and Saturday, Nov. 23rd at MacKenzie Hall in Windsor.
I spent a year in Ottawa, attending The University of Ottawa Music School and living on campus in the Sandy Hill neighbourhood. Really looking forward to playing my original songs in our capital city and marching through the old neighbourhood the next day – and the market.
And Windsor, well that’s my home town and I’ll be bringing the full band and looking to light up that great space in Mac Hall again. Loved being there in the late spring of last year.  Nothing warms the spirit like the home town crowd.

Stay tuned, I’m working on dates in London, Stratford, Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph, Barrie, Peterborough, Kingston, Montreal, Sudbury and Thunder Bay before the snow flies.


30 Days….. until it drops….

Only one month, hard to believe, and I’ll be releasing the new CD. When I think back over each step along the way all I can say is I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with people who cared about the process and the product

I can’t say enough good things about Dean Drouillard, my producer and player of many guitars, as well as keyboard and percussion instruments. He has given each of the songs the soundtrack they deserve. In some cases he has made me fall in love with the melodies all over again.  Roger Travassos who has been my drummer for the last two records and really gets me, rhythmically anyway, has given the heart-beat to this record and I don’t care how cheesy that sounds.  Mark McIntyre, who really went the extra mile in studio during the beds sessions and champions any subtle complexity he finds in the music.  Bryden Baird, horns; Drew Jurecka,violin and viola; Amy Laing, cello and Robbie Grunwald, hammond organ, who have given so much colour and depth to this project with their performances and arrangements.                                                                               Thank you all, your work is incredible.

Now for something completely different:                                                                          When I was a young girl I often sang to myself on the way home from school.  I made up  my own songs.  Little black comedies – silly and dramatic, they would often take a very  dark turn.  Ultimately, what they gave me was momentary solace before disappearing on  the air.

Here, in this latest self-titled CD I feel I tell so many truths, and though darkness plays a role, the main theme (that I hope comes through) is that we can be, and are, beautiful creatures worthy of love.  I can feel the gravity of these songs, that they offer a deeper solace to me.  Now that they have been captured/recorded I hope you find something in them which resonates for you as well – perhaps even offers some solace.

A lot to ask….. I know.

all the best,  Lara


Now On Soundcloud

Well, I’ve gone and done it. I’m up on the soundcloud, started posting songs from the new CD. Decided to put up the two songs that make me feel like summer “Warm Wind” is a sultry torch song and was written during a blistering hot weekend in Toronto. It is so beautifully produced by Dean Drouillard, you can really feel the heat. The other, “Pushin’ Me” – doesn’t happen in the summer, but has that road trip feel which comes from Roger Travassos’ work on the drums and an acoustic guitar that jangles along as I lay out the story which spans a decade. It starts in Sackville, NB and ends up outside the old Beverley Tavern in Toronto.
Anyway,when you’ve got a few minutes on your hands – listen here:

I’d love to hear what you think if you feel like sharing :)


October 8th, 2013 I’ll be taking the stage at Hugh’s Room in Toronto for the release of the new CD. I was toying with giving it the title of one of my favourite tracks “Victory Cafe” but settled on just using my name. So this second record is self-titled and the more I live with that the more I feel it fits. The record sounds fantastic thanks to Dean Drouillard who seriously elevated each song with his equally nuanced and dramatic settings. The lyrics are now set against short film scores.
Joining me for the release are Dean Drouillard on guitars, Roger Travassos on drums and Mark McIntyre on the bass. It is going to be a great night of music making, I’ve no doubt.
the show starts at 8:30pm and tickets are $20 ($16 in advance) – they’ve got a great menu too – dinner at 6:30.
Here’s the NOW listing with map and info including link to the Hugh’s Room site:
hope to see you there!!

A New Year and A New Record!

I’m so excited to have begun work on the new record. Just got back from laying down the bed tracks. Four days of intense creativity and some real ah-ha! moments.

Dean Drouillard is producer and kept us all on the same page for the four days. Dean played guitar on Miss Mercury and, like me, is originally from Windsor. Most recently he produced records for Royal Wood, Christine Bougie and Amelie et Les Singes Blues – all great acts. He has also recently released his fourth album of his own material.
Dean booked us in at the Verge Music Lab and Steve Major was top drawer as our engineer – wow! great ears and attitude – he made everything we wanted to try work.
Roger Travassos (drums) and Mark McIntyre (bass) were the perfect rhythm section, laying down grooves that serve each tune while connecting them beautifully to one another.

Now we will add strings, horns, hammond organ, piano, guitar, percussion odds and ends, my voice, mix and master and voila – in May (fingers crossed) a new record.
Lots of work ahead, many trips from Stratford to Toronto and back. Some stress, but all for the music… so what’s a little stress?!!??? Bring on the adventure!

What A Difference Four Dates Make

Still feeling incredibly happy with the outcome of the shows in London, Stratford, Windsor and Toronto. Fantastic to play with Roger Travassos (drums) again and to have Mark McIntyre (bass) fit in so perfectly to the mix. Planning to do a lot of playing solo over the summer, writing new material (which started the minute I got home) and planning the new record – hope to be in the studio the first week of January. I know lots of people “in the know” proclaim that music is in a murky purgatory – and maybe they are right. For my part, just sharing my songs over four days with appreciative audiences – that’s my kind of heaven.


talking with Ted

Had a great interview/conversation with Ted Shaw of The Windsor Star yesterday. By the time we were about ten minutes in he had me waxing nostalgic and missing Windsor. This is the time of year Windsor buzzes with energy. Ted told me Art in The Park is this weekend (I’m not going to miss that!), there is a new music festival (Beaverfest) going on and across the river the Grand Prix is going to be heating up the Detroit Streets.  He also shared that the Windsor Symphony has done very well and has attracted candidates for its vacant music director position from all over the world! I was happy to hear that Ted’s daughter has chosen to study music at McGill (viola). Throughout the conversation I was struck by something – that Windsor warmth. I know it sounds corny but there is a real hospitality in so many Windsorites. I finished the call with a big smile on my face and a growing excitement for the show this coming Saturday.

Who says you can’t go home again? Windsor, here I come!!!!