Big City Small World on CBC Radio One – December 14th, 2013

Here is Errol Nazareth’s review of the album from the December 14, 2013 air date of CBC Radio One’s Big City Small World:

“It doesn’t happen very often but I love when I can relate to nearly every song on a record.  And what makes the listening experience even more special is that I find myself empathizing with the artist on the tracks that don’t strike a deep chord within.

This was the case when I heard Lara MacMillan’s self-titled second album.  Her songs boast drama, sharp observations, joy and pain.  And she’s a gifted vignettist who transports you to cafes, beaches, city streets and bars that inspire this collection of originals.  Lonely Alayna, for example, is dedicated to a waitress working a bar in Parkdale and Victory Café seats us at a table in the Mirvish Village Restaurant where a break-up is going down.

Dean Drouillard, a Toronto based Juno nominated producer who worked on the album says, “There is classic songwriting here, sometimes reminiscent of Carole King, Burt Bacharach and James Taylor but modern references like Fiona Apple and Aimee Mann also come to mind.”

In an interview Lara described the album as an homage to the time she spent in Toronto and some of the challenges faced by a person living on their own in the big city.

Another selling point is how Lara uses her voice as an instrument.  This versatility is evident on tunes like All Your Black Colours and GunsR4ever where you can hear the spite; or in ballads like Lonely Alayna and Goodbye Tennessee where her tenderness shines.  There are cellos, trumpets, violins, french horns and strings on this record making it hard to categorize but hey, that’s fine with me the music and stories speak volumes.”

Errol Nazareth, Big City Small World, CBC Radio.



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