A New Year and A New Record!

I’m so excited to have begun work on the new record. Just got back from laying down the bed tracks. Four days of intense creativity and some real ah-ha! moments.

Dean Drouillard is producer and kept us all on the same page for the four days. Dean played guitar on Miss Mercury and, like me, is originally from Windsor. Most recently he produced records for Royal Wood, Christine Bougie and Amelie et Les Singes Blues – all great acts. He has also recently released his fourth album of his own material.
Dean booked us in at the Verge Music Lab and Steve Major was top drawer as our engineer – wow! great ears and attitude – he made everything we wanted to try work.
Roger Travassos (drums) and Mark McIntyre (bass) were the perfect rhythm section, laying down grooves that serve each tune while connecting them beautifully to one another.

Now we will add strings, horns, hammond organ, piano, guitar, percussion odds and ends, my voice, mix and master and voila – in May (fingers crossed) a new record.
Lots of work ahead, many trips from Stratford to Toronto and back. Some stress, but all for the music… so what’s a little stress?!!??? Bring on the adventure!