Lara MacMillan - At turns bittersweet, tongue-in-cheek, earnest and hard hitting – the ten tracks on the Stratford Ontario singer-songwriter’s 2013 self-titled CD take the listener on an animated ride running the gamut from the driving cabaret-pop of All Your Black Colours through the unrequited love and existential angst of ballad Victory Café to the political satire of the groove-laden GunsR4ever.  

Produced by Dean Drouillard (Royal Wood) and featuring MacMillan at the piano the record is set in cinematic style with stellar contributions from Toronto’s seasoned pros Roger Travassos, drums; Mark McIntyre, bass; Dean Drouillard, guitars, keyboards and percussion; Bryden Baird, horns; Robbie Grunwald, Hammond organ; Drew Jurecka, violin and viola; Amy Laing, cello.  

Each song on MacMillan’s CD plays like a short story matched to its perfect soundtrack.  “It was hard to trust someone to the degree that I did with these songs and this project”, says Lara.  “But, Dean has an appreciation for the drama in each of my songs.  It’s not about being self-indulgent it’s about supporting the story that is being told. ”  

To this end, MacMillan chose to experiment further with her voice, approaching it as an instrument and changing its colour and character to match the mood and serve the story.  Standout moments include her sultry work on torch song, Warm Wind and the open voiced and plaintive, Lonely Alayna.  

In the four years since the release of her debut CD, Miss Mercury, Lara has married, relocated to Stratford and started her own studio for private music instruction.   


Select reviews from MacMillan’s debut CD, Miss Mercury:  

“Wait till you hear the distinct sound of Lara MacMillan’s debut CD, engineered and mastered by veterans – but don’t wait too long.  Just when you think you’ve got the sound pegged, something different happens.” -       David Cantor, Good Sound!  

“Kudos don’t nearly do this ingénue justice … We Don’t Need Words is one of the top five ballads of all time.  Five stars.” -       CLA, Cashbox Magazine  

“A smart take on creativity that moves in unexpected direction with velocity, and simply bowls you over.” -       Chris Spector, Midwest Record